22.08 - AleBrowar, ask us a question

Before I will head off to ‘Chmielaki Krasnostawskie’ I’ve decided to answer all of your questions, we have received so far. In comments, on our website, you’ve been suggesting you’d prefer written answers, so here they are. Feel free to send new questions anytime. We’ll be answering them on the following week.

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Chmielaki 2013

On the following weekend, from the 23rd to the 25th of August, the annual hop harvest festival ‘Chmielaki Krasnostawskie 2013’ will take place. This year AleBrowar will have a pleasure to participate in this brewer’s celebration. We are more than happy to be there, especially that we know how difficult it is to buy our beers in the Lublin region. This will be a great opportunity to get to know our fans from this area and also to introduce AleBrowar’s beer to those, who haven’t had a chance to try it yet.

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24.06 - Golden Monk

Here it is the X- Golden Monk, the tenth beer in AleBrowar’s collection. This time we have decided to do it a bit differently. You know how close we are with the Ostecx Creative agency, which is responsible for the graphic design of our beers. We wanted to thank them for the great work they do, so we came up with a bit unusual idea. They will design the label and we will create a beer for it. Both teams have complete freedom and do not interfere with each other ideas. Do you enjoy beer games? There you go! We have just received a label designed by Ostecx. A preacher of beer revolution carrying the AleBrowar’s tenth beer… a tough nut to crack.

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17.06 - Arek rules in the homebrewed beer contests!

Last weekend, at the homebrewed beer contest in Zywiec, Arek has won the first place in the Dunkelweizen category. This is already Arek’s second victory in this season. Let me just remind you, that he recently has won in the VII Grodziski Konkurs Piw Domowych ‘Prawie jak – Grodzisz’. We try really hard not to forget our background and brew beer at home  whenever we have a spare moment. At some point in time both winning beers will definitely make their appearance in our portfolio. The list of winners can be found in the entry expansion.

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26.05 - ORTODOX – A new series of AleBrowar’s beer

During one of our brewing sessions we came to the conclusion, that it would be worth to change something and to show you a totally different world of beer. In the new series we will brew a bit different beers, perhaps less spectacular, but still worth knowing. Orthodox, because beers will be pure in their style. We will avoid all intermingling. more >

8.04 - Unity is the power!!!

This will be a real knockout. Yesterday, at the ‘Na Jurze’ brewery the three independent breweries – ‘PINTA’, ‘Piwoteka Narodowa’ and ‘AleBrowar’ – joined their forces and created first polish beer cooperation. In sweat, we brew our first united beer to celebrate the triple birthdays of our projects. You will be able to taste the outcome of our efforts on the 10th of May at the ‘Wrocławski Festiwal Dobrego Piwa’ and on the same day in ‘Piwoteka Narodowa’. More details coming soon, few pictures from brewing will have to do for now. more >

21.03 - The Smoky Joe chocolate is available now!

The Smoky Joe chocolate is a composition created by ‘Manufaktura Czekolady’ in a cooperation with AleBrowar. Jasmine notes of cocoa beans from Ecuador go extremely well with the Whisky Extra Stout. Among the chocolate’s ingredients you can find the same malt, which has been used for Smoky Joe’s brewing.

The Smoky Joe chocolate is available under this link:

Smoky Joe chocolate


19.02 - The genuine beer and the genuine chocolate

No t-shirts, no bottle openers nor beer glasses won’t do, this time we went all the way and we have prepared… a chocolate for the Smoky Joe’s premier. To do so, we have joined our forces with ‘Manufaktura Czekolady’ and this is how, for the very first time in Poland, a smoked chocolate was created. We have just received the samples, it’s powerful! more >

12.02 - AleBrowar has been appreciated by beer lovers

On Friday the 8th of February the winners of an yearly consumer competition organized by Browar.Biz portal have been announced. It is probably the most important and most reliable beer competition in Poland, which is why we are so happy about its result. more >

7.02 - Smoky Joe

The crowd goes wild, chanting Smo-ky, Smo-ky! Despite exhaustion and the steam whistling out of your ears, you are not giving up taking a sip of yet another stout with a pleasant taste of peat and asphalt. There’s nothing you won’t do for the glory and love for the beer. more >