24.06 - Golden Monk

Here it is the X- Golden Monk, the tenth beer in AleBrowar’s collection. This time we have decided to do it a bit differently. You know how close we are with the Ostecx Creative agency, which is responsible for the graphic design of our beers. We wanted to thank them for the great work they do, so we came up with a bit unusual idea. They will design the label and we will create a beer for it. Both teams have complete freedom and do not interfere with each other ideas. Do you enjoy beer games? There you go! We have just received a label designed by Ostecx. A preacher of beer revolution carrying the AleBrowar’s tenth beer… a tough nut to crack.

What do you think about it? What beer will be the best match? Please, send your ideas and suggestions at: bartek@alebrowar.pl.



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