22.08 - AleBrowar, ask us a question

Before I will head off to ‘Chmielaki Krasnostawskie’ I’ve decided to answer all of your questions, we have received so far. In comments, on our website, you’ve been suggesting you’d prefer written answers, so here they are. Feel free to send new questions anytime. We’ll be answering them on the following week.

So here we go.

Marcin: When you are moving to the new brewery and when I will finally be able to drink Lady Blanche?

We are working at a full blast on the opening of our new brewery and the works are much more advanced than we inform you. Still it’s difficult to establish a certain date, it depends on many factors (e. g. permits). Roughly we can say, that it will be the first half of the 2014. This is also the time when the new Lady Blanche will appear, because as we said before, it will be brewed in our new brewery.

Monika: I would like to know what kind of hops have been used in orthodox stout and will this beer be back in your offer?

For the Ortodox we have used Simcoe, Cascade and Palisade hop. This beer will certainly reappear in our offer, but late autumn or early winter the earliest. The reason for waiting is the production process and 3 months aging period  for this particular beer. In the ‘beer season’ we don’t have enough space to allow one beer to be aging for so long.

Mateusz: 1) Why Black Hope is brewed so rarely? 2) Will Ortodox Stout be back? 3) What will be next in the ‘Ortodox’ line?

We might say Balck Hope has became sort of a ‘victim’ of Smoky Joe, our whisky stout. We’ve started to brew Smoky at the beginning of this year and it has became so popular, that there was no room left for BIPA. As you already know, we can produce three beers at a time and this is a cause of the problem. Black Hope will make its come back in September and we promise it will stay for a while. At this very moment we are considering possibility of  brewing ‘Grodzisz’ based on Arek’s awards winning recipe. The main problem is that Arek needs to prepare all of the malt on his own, in AleBrowar’s Laboratory. If we won’t be able to manufacture ‘Grodzisz’ on the bigger scale, the next beer will be brewed in English style and without American hops ;) .

Marcin: Will your beers be available at retailers like REAL, Carrefour, Auchan, Alma??

No, at this moment we are not planning to cooperate with any retailers.

Piotr: Which of the PINTA’s beers you like the most?

‘Dobry Wieczor’ and ‘Jak w Dym’, and from the novelties ‘Otomata IPA’. But also B-Day from the obvious reasons  ;).

Jan: Do you plan next projects in cooperation with Pinta or Piwoteka? Do you think about cooperation with other contract breweries?

The charm of such projects is that they are one of the kind. But we are certainly planning cooperation with other breweries. If all goes well, we will have some news for you at the beginning of autumn.

Mateusz: Is there a possibility to come and see how you brew your beer live? I can help carrying heavy loads.

We are planning to organize open day in Gosciszewo brewery. I think we’ll manage to do it by the end of this year. Please follow us on Facebook to find out more.

Marcin: What is going on with ‘Golden Monk’? Where and when I can find it?

It will be available between September and October.

Wojciech: Will there be a possibility to buy your gadgets online? And when? I mean t-shirts, beer glasses.

Yes, as soon as we will find somebody to run our online shop. Unfortunately, at this very moment AleBrowar doesn’t hire anybody and we just simply don’t have time to take care of it. We are looking for somebody, we even have one volunteer

Marcin: Do you brew your beer from hops or malts?

From corn enzymes and ox bile, same as you ;) .

Jacek: How did you create recipes for your beer? Do you rely only on your brewery experience and just modify the recipe with the following batches? Or do you brew some ‘trial’ batches, before you will brew the one destined for sale?  

Yes, we do rely on our experience. At the beginning, during our brain storm, we come up with an idea for a beer style. Then the initial recipe is created and Arek brews few options on a very small scale. Each of them has slightly different content. Next, we select the best recipe and try to adjust it to conditions in Gosciszewo brewery. Of course, we make some modifications during the production as well, because moving production from home to manufacture scale is very difficult. All of our recipes, apart from the Sweet Cow, were slightly adjusted in the manufacture conditions.

Piotrek: When we can expect a new beer?

Between September and October.

Tomasz: How much hop on 1 liter you put in ‘Jack’? I am home brewer and I was wondering could I do it myself.  

I got a homework for you;) Solve this equation: 18 kilos of hop for 3000 liters of ready to drink Rowing Jack.

For the time being we’ve answered all of your questions. Inquiries about distribution please send at bartek@alebrowar.pl. Remember you are more than welcome to send new questions.



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